More than Miles: A Member Profile of Alison Brown.

If you’re like me, you might find yourself going out for a run or walk just to balance out the weight of the news headlines. You may even wonder if there’s anything one person can do to counter them, even just a bit.

Indy Runners & Walkers member and volunteer Alison Brown was inspired to try.

This coming weekend, she’ll join women around the world in walking or running 21.1K (13.1 miles) and donating 21.1 Euros to support the International Alliance of Women (IAW) and Project 21.1. Look for her at North Central High School’s Great North Run.

Through the project, the IAW encouraged participants to share their running or walking stories “through the lens of Peace, Climate Change, Human Rights, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Education, etc.” We’d love to hear your running story in the comments below.  

Alison has had an impact locally though Indy Runners as a member and volunteer, as well as globally though IAW as a delegate to the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights and as Secretary General of the IAW, among many other roles.

She came to Indianapolis with her husband Siegmund, who joined Indy Runners in 2009. Alison soon discovered that waiting at the finish line for someone doing a half or full marathon was pretty boring and quickly decided to join the club. She could often be found doing 5- and 8-Ks as he raced longer.

Although Siegmund is no longer with us, you can still find Alison serving and empowering others at races and at Butler Basketball games.

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