Transitioning to Running in a Time of Corona…

With gyms and other workouts on hold during this time of responsible social distancing, many people are taking up Running as a way to get in some fitness (and sanity). Maybe you are one of them, maybe you know someone who is starting to Run more.

As a Running Club we certainly want to encourage folks to enjoy the benefits of our beloved sport like we do. But, we also want to encourage a responsible transition to help avoid injury and build up in a smart way to capitalize on this new adventure.

Attached are two progressions for transitioning to being a runner.

  1. Intermediate – For relative newcomers starting from walking 20-30 minutes several times per week.
  2. Advanced – For those who usually workout in other fashions (weights, high intensity intervals, spin class, etc.) that have a good base of fitness but can’t do those things right now.
  3. We also have our Beginner Program that we started last year – starting with Walking then to Running 40-minutes over a 12-week span (maybe up to a 5k race?)

Where ever you are on your journey, please let us know how it’s going. And once we can gather again for group Club Runs, we’d love to see you join us!

Any questions, please feel free to write to our Medical Liaison, Brian Schuetter, PT with St. Vincent Sports Performance at

Thanks so much and be safe out there!

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