Stay Visible While Running

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Running is a great way to stay fit and burn off stress but when you’re running whether you’re training for a marathon or just running for fun in parks and trails, there are things that you should do to make yourself as visible as possible. There’s no way to be completely safe when you’re running but there are some things that you can do to make yourself more visible and lower the risk of getting into an accident like:

Use A Trail Map

GPS is just no substitute for a paper trail map. You should always have a copy of the paper trail map with you when you’re running on trails. If your GPS fails, the paper map will be a backup to keep you headed in the right direction. It’s important to stay on the trail at all times so that you don’t damage the natural world and staying on the trail will be easier if you have a trail map with you.

Change Your Run Time

One way to make your run safer is to change the time of the day that you run. If you usually run in the morning or at night when there is poor visibility try to run during the day instead. During the summer you can run later in the evening because it stays light longer, but in the winter consider squeezing in a run during your lunch hour instead of waiting until the evening to run.

Run in Pairs

Another way that you can be more visible when you’re running is to run with a friend or loved one. Two people running are a lot easier to see than just one. If you are both wearing reflective gear and practicing other good safety tips then you will be doubly visible when you’re out running. Running in pairs will make you more visible and make your run more fun. You might even want to try starting a running club at work to see if others want to join you for a lunch time run.

Wear A Safety Vest

Whether you’re running alone or with someone else you should wear a safety vest. Safety vests designed for running are made from high tech reflective fabric that is very lightweight but also very reflective so that when car lights or streetlights hit the fabric it will shine brightly. Some safety vests even have LED lights that flash so that you are always visible in the dark or in the low light. And they have pockets for your cell phone and keys so that you have a convenient way to carry the items that you need to bring with you on a run.

Don’t Litter

Shockingly one of the biggest environmental wrongdoings that some runners commit is littering. Leaving behind food wrappers, water bottles, and other trash contributes to the destruction of natural habitats, causes problems for local wildlife, and can ruin the environment in a particular area. Always pack up your trash and take it out of the park or trail area with you so that you can dispose of it the right way.

Wear A Head Lamp

A head lamp is a great piece of safety equipment for runners as well as cyclists. It will make you much more visible on the trails and it will also give you better visibility so that you will be able to see if there is an obstruction in your path, or other rough ground in front of you.

This article was provided by, an organization dedicated to providing the public with information about personal injury and safety information. Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice, and it is intended for informational use only.

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